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Our Mission and Functions

The Bayless High School Counseling Program is a comprehensive program that follows the Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Model.

It is developmental by design and addresses the needs of all students by facilitating their academic, personal/social and career development. The program is delivered through four components:

1. Guidance Curriculum

In Advisory classes, classroom lessons, individual counseling, and group counseling sessions, students explore different subjects in three major areas:

  • Knowledge of self and others
  • Academic Development
  • Career Planning and Exploration

2. Individual Planning

Students learn about graduation requirements, personal and career development; and develop a  five-year plan. Counselors monitor students' academic progress and will recommend appropriate programs to meet their needs.

3. Responsive Services

Counselors, School Psychologists, and Social Workers address issues like substance abuse, truancy, academic issues, family loss, relationships, and similar topics, through both individual and group counseling. Consultation and/or referral information to community resources is also available.

4. System Support

Counselors collaborate with their colleagues through Professional Development, Community Outreach, Advisory Committees, Social Worker services, Student Intervention Teams, Special School District and many others.

Contact Us

Bayless High School Counseling
College and Career Center

4532 Weber Road
St. Louis, MO  63123
314-544-6344 fax

Erna Kadic
School Counselor
10th & 12th Grades
Classes of 2025 & 2027
EXT: 4006

Bobby Kelting
School Counselor 
9th & 11th Grades
Classes of 2026 & 2028
EXT: 4005

Ms. Melissa Godat
High School Registrar 
EXT: 4007

Joey Monteon
College and Careers Advisor
EXT: 4008