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ELA II: Human Rights

Websites to Get Started


Universal Declaration of Human Rights
United Nations - Human Rights
 - Overview of Human Rights from the United Nations
United Nations - Human Rights Issues - A list of issues from the United Nations. A great place to start!
United Nations - Sustainable Energy Goals - global challenges related to poverty, inequality, climate, peace, and justice.

Top Ten Human Rights Issues - Top 10 human rights issues from 2010-2018
Amnesty International - AI is an organization that advocates for human rights for all
​United for Human Rights - Be sure to check out the PDF booklet - be sure to cite as a PDF.
ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union
Global Issues - Human Rights - List of human rights issues
Human Rights Watch - Organization that raises awareness of events/regions/people whose human 
rights are at risk or are being violated
Holocaust Memorial Museum-Information about genocides that are happening today and what we can do to prevent or help.
Youth for Human Rights - Organization with the goal to teach human rights issues to young adults

Other Resources

Databases: Find reliable information (that is already cited) by clicking on Research in the toolbar above, then the Databases drop-down menu. Gale Resources in Context will probably be the most helpful, but you can also try Explora High School.

NewsELA: Current articles on a wide range of topics that you can adjust to your reading level and preferences. You will need to sign in with Google to access.

Books: To find books on your topic, click on Catalog in the toolbar above.

St. Louis County Library: Use your student ID number to access countless e-books and even more database resources. For more information, click on Library Home in the toolbar above, then e-books and audiobooks.