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Sixth Grade ELA - Cerame & Michno

Students will:

Explore an issue that interests them

Write blog posts about their topic for their classmates to read.

Links to Issues:

All links are from NewsELA unless otherwise noted. You will need to log in to read the articles or listen to Listenwise stories. 

Gale Research in Context Database

  • password: bronchos
  • citation can be copied & pasted from the bottom of each article
  • click "save to drive" on the right to automatically save each article!

Do the Right Thing STL

  • Recognizing youth for the good things they do! 

TED Under 20

  • TED Talks by kids and teens

Do Something!

  • A site dedicated to getting young people involved in the issues they care about.

  • A citation generator for your Works Cited page

Research Requirements

At least 3 sources

Works Cited Page:

  • Keep track of your sources!
  • Use MLA style citation
    • To cite a NewsELA article, select "website" on and copy the link from your article. Make sure you fill in missing information and double-check the dates that they fill in for you.