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The Broncho Project

"CX Boy" by Anish Biswa, Junior (Winner)

Mannie Willis, Kindergarten

Asa Lepage, First Grade

Elizabeth Salinas, Third Grade

Sumeja Salkic, Fourth Grade

Daisy Kohl, Fifth Grade

"Imagine" by Paige Wagener, Sixth Grade

"Night & Day" by Jovie Miller, Seventh Grade

"Kenya" by Alisone Oluoch, Eighth Grade

"Fortis" by Elma Smajic, Sophomore

"Geo" by Bennie Schumacher, Freshman

"Nebula" by Ryder Medley, Senior

"Portrait of a Graduate" by Nejra Salkic, Fifth Grade (Honorable Mention)

The Broncho Project is an art competition run by the visual arts educators across Bayless. Soon there will be a 2022-23 calendar available with all of the winning artwork from the competition. The proceeds will go to fund a partnership/educational opportunity with our students and the Affton Christian Food Pantry.